Beggars, Ticket Touts to be Banned from Harassing Tourists at Taj Mahal

India tourism chiefs are now proposing a law that would consider it a crime for ticket touts and beggars to touch tourists and harass them. A 10 percent drop in tourist influx in Taj Mahal, one of India’s most famous attractions is because of ticket touts and beggars harassing visitors near the Taj Mahal area.

During a meeting with tourism delegates, Mahesh Sharma, the newly elected minister for tourism, has promised to curb touts who harass tourists during their visit to the Taj. He said that there will be a strict action taken against these touts who are found harassing tourists, especially foreigners. This strict decision is taken because a large number of visitors have complained on online forums and directly to tourism officials regarding the harassment that adversely affects their visit to the place. Therefore, expressing deep concern, the minister said that the new law that will be implemented will consider harassment of tourists a crime.

Many international tourists who visit Taj consider themselves to be cheated and abused. This new measure will bring an end to such activities.

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