Beat the Heat- Holiday Guide to India during summers

The rays of the sun that we all love for being so soothing till the month of February suddenly turn to fire thus signifying the arrival of summers. The onset of summer in India is dreaded by many. But trust us; there are many things that will compel you to travel to India irrespective that the plains of India is burning with the scorching heat. There are things about it that many of you would like to enjoy and celebrate. Not convinced? Have a look at the Holiday Guide to India during summers

1) Feast on sweet, juicy Summer Fruits Mango, watermelons and litchis 

2) Splash water with anyone and everyone at the Water Park

3) Summer is the ideal time to visit the hill stations of India

4) Go trekking in Ladakh

5) Rejuvenate yourself with an Ayurvedic massage

6) Beaches of Goa, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu offers overwhelming experience

7) Sip tea in Darjeeling

8) Celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday

9) Enjoy the snake boat competition

10) Go trekking and river rafting in Rishikesh

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