Aroonima Sharma

About Aroonima Sharma

I'am an avid traveler, earning for a world tour, a photographer, a dreamy writer, an observer and a passionate pet lover. I love humming to the tunes of alternative rock music. When not travelling I can be found busy sketching and designing exquisite terracotta jewelry.
Ramlila - Ramnagar, Varanasi

Ramlila – Life of Lord Rama in Ramnagar

There has been entertainment, even before TV, Movies, and of-course the Internet Burst. But, in today’s era does anybody have any idea of, how the entertainment in the past was like ?   Once a u...
pookalam - onam celebrations

ONAM – Grandest Extravaganza of Kerala

Celebrated with the ultimate fervor across God’s very own country– Onam is the grandest festival of Kerala. It marks the end of monsoon, and a rich and healthy harvest season is celebrated thro...

10 Facts you never knew about Gujarat

Barely glimpsed by travelers, Gujarat sometimes referred as the ‘Jewel of Western India’ is the land of legends that has a rich culture and heritage, delicious cuisine, mystical festivals, mesmerizin...