An Extravaganza of Classical Dance Forms of India…

Khajuraho Dance Festival

The rich cultural heritage and diversity of India is best expressed in the various dance forms and music. With increasing popularity of the classical dances in India, various festivals are organized to showcase the colorful dance forms. Khajuraho Dance Festival, a weeklong extravaganza celebrates Khajuraho’s 1000 years of old cultural heritage. It’s an annual treat to both the connoisseurs of classical dance form and the talented artist. Celebrated during the advent of spring season, this is one of the most awaited events of India. This year Khajuraho Dance Festival will be celebrated from 20th February to 26th February. It’s an initiative by the Madhya Pradesh government and has been carried on for years as a tradition.

Khajuraho is famous for the various temples crowding the place. The Khajuraho group of monuments displaying the rich architecture and marvelous work of sculptures is a feast for the eyes. The architecture displays the best of medieval Hindu style, while the sculptures display the best of perfection, skill and knowledge of human anatomy. The sights of the beautiful carvings in the temples are things to behold. It presents sculptures depicting various skills and art of courtly love including dance and music in stones.

Against the exquisite backdrop of the spectacular Khajuraho temples, this cultural festival displays the richness of the classical dance forms of India. It is believed that the cultural dance form originated from the temples itself. What place can be more befitting to hold the cultural festival of Indian dance forms! The basic idea behind organizing this event in a grand scale is to create awareness about the cultural heritage of Khajuraho among the younger generations. This extravaganza features live performances of finest young talents of India and presents a rare opportunity to witness the maestros and the grand dames perform. Odissi, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniattam, Bharatnatyam and other prominent classical dance forms takes the center stage in this cultural festival.

Khajuraho Dance Festival Celebration

Khajuraho Dance Festival is internationally acclaimed; dancers from other parts of the world also participate in this dance festival. Tourist from various parts of the world visit India during the month of February especially to be a part of the festival. This cultural dance festival is coupled with a cultural fair which attracts a lot of visitors to the place. The artifacts and souvenirs of the local artisans are exhibited in the fair and also kept for sale in open market which is in close proximity to the venue of the cultural fest. It not only gives a platform for the artisans to showcase their talent and earn livelihood but also spreads the popularity of artwork beyond the geographical boundaries of the region. Witness the perfect blend of talented dancers, musicians, artist, performers and craftsman in a single platform.

Khajuraho Dance Festival very beautifully upholds the Indian culture and tradition, thereby providing the viewers an enriching social and cultural treat.

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