All you need to know about the International Mango Festival 2017!

It’s time for you to indulge in the piquant mangoes on display, just for you!

Delhi hosts the International Mango Festival every year to showcase rare species of mangoes with a succulent taste to soothe your taste buds. The prime motive of this festival is to encourage the trade of mangoes at a global scale. Visitors, especially mango lovers, from around the world witness this grand festival that marks the beginning of summers on a ‘juicy’ note. It is not just a platform for mango-lovers but also for growers, sellers and horticulturists of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and many more.


If you’re a mango lover too then you will be amazed with a variety of mangoes available here. Also, the mangoes are titled with fascinating names such as Royal SP, Suwarn, Kensington, Neelam, Papitiyo, Kesar, Sensation, Amrapali, Tommy Atkins, Aishwarya, Bombay Green and many more. 

The refreshing aroma of these mangoes and unmatched taste is definitely going to leave you awed! You can also grab your hands on scrumptious mango-based desserts, dishes and shakes that are freshly prepared by renowned chefs. For people with religious bent of mind, mango carving is an advantage here.

Don’t forget to try out mango-based pickles, jams, chutneys, mango jelly, mango juice, aam papad and aam panna. You can carry these home as souvenirs too.

Lesser known facts about Mangoes


  • Mangoes are grown in around 1,365 varieties worldwide and India cultivates about 1,000 varieties of mangoes.
  • Mango is said to be the national fruit of India.
  • India is considered to be the largest producer of mangoes but manages less than 1% of international mango trade.
  • The widely used Paisley patterns depicts the shape of a Mango.
  • Mangoes are best enjoyed with a pinch of salt or chilli powder.
  • Mangoes have natural tenderizing properties, making it ideal for marinades.

Closing Thoughts

There is no better way to celebrate the love for mangoes through this Mango festival. In the year 2017, Delhi Tourism will host this festival on 9th and 10th June. If you have a taste for mangoes, don’t forget to visit this mango’s paradise.

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