A visit to the land where you will find the roots of Lord Krishna…

India is a symbol of purity and spirituality which is one of the main reasons to lure the tourist to this land. People from not only India but from every nook and corner of the world are seen visiting the religious places. Every Indians have faith in the God and Goddess which leads them to visit the places where they believe to find the essence of spirituality.

Mathura Vrindavan Tour

I have been in Delhi for many years and my parent visited this city many times. Every time I plan to take them to Vrindavan and Mathura, due to some unexpected reasons I could not execute it. This time I made sure to take my parents to these places. Both these places are some kilometers from Delhi. It is believed that Lord Shri Krishna had taken birth and spent the days of his youth in these places. In fact, one can’t take the name of one place alone. Both these places go together. You can enjoy the beauty of both these places by taking Agra Tour.

For me and my parents, this is the first time visit to these places. Since I heard a lot from my parents and my grandparents about the tales of Shri Krishna, I was also very excited to visit. On reaching the outskirts of Mathura, the herds of cattle reminded me of Lord Krishna’s close association with the cows. In spite of the fact that Mathura is a modern town and the common sight of cattle on the any Indian street, it still reflects the some different things. You can feel the flavors of Lord Krishna everywhere. Almost everything there is named after Lord Krishna. The chandan ka tika at the forehead and the tulsi mala encircling the necks of modern gopis reflects that these people are still influenced by Lord Krishna and his principles.

Entering the main temple, you can hear the followers singing and chanting the names of the Lord with so much of devotion. It is simply so peaceful. After standing in long queue, we finally arrived at the place where Krishna was born, the prison. This is where Krishna’s biological parents were imprisoned which led his birth in the prison itself. After this we started our journey to Vrindavan which is a few kilometers away from Mathura. This beautiful place still reverberate the playfulness and the lovable characteristics of Shri Krishna. The numerous temples in the lanes of Vrindavan are added attractions for the visitors.

Though a bit tiring, but it was a wonderful experience. Most importantly the fact that I took my parents to these places is something what I will cherish forever.

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