8 food delicacies you must try on your trip to Goa

Goa is one of the most-traveled destinations in India. Apart from its sun-kissed beaches, wonderful night life, splendid coral reefs, lush spice plantations, the Goan Portuguese-inspired cuisine is another highlight that features in everyone’s Goa travel diaries. The authenticity, rich flavours and uniqueness of Goan cuisine is a sure shot “ticket” to good food.

Below are a few picked perfectly-blended Goan delicacies that will make you drool for more!

1. Goan Ras Omelette – Love and eggs are best when fresh.


Also called Ras Omlette, it is a delicious breakfast snack easily available on the street foods of Goa. Ros means “gravy” as per the official language of Goa – Konkani. It is similar to the Gothic style of cooking wherein a spicy gravy of chicken or chickpea is prepared. For vegetarians, the gravy is made from onions, black mustard seeds, curry leaves, scraped coconut, spices and mushrooms or cauliflowers instead of chicken. This gravy is coupled with an omelette consisting of eggs, chilli peppers, onions, chopped coriander leaves, salt and herbs. The preparation styles may vary.

2. Goan Sweet buns – You are what you eat.


Another breakfast snack is the Goan sweet buns, usually coupled with patal bhaji (potato-peas gravy). These gooey sweet buns are prepared from flour, sugar, curd and bananas. Since these buns are deep-fried, you should eat them in moderation.

3. Feijoada – Eating is a pleasure, not sin.


Fejioada is a Portuguese-inspired recipe prepared with a symphony of beans with meat chunks and is usually served with plain rice. It may also include tomatoes, carrots, beef and sausages. The cooking style varies from place to place. Sometimes, it is also accompanied with farofa – a Brazillian-inspired side dish made of raw cassava flour, steamed cabbage and orange slices.

4. Rava fried fish – Keep CALM and eat FISH!


It is one of the most preferred lunch delight by Goan people wherein deep-fried fish fillets are blended with a twist of ginger, garlic, red chillies and is adorned with fresh aromatic coriander leaves. If you are a true fish lover then this is an ideal feast for you.

5. Prawn Rissoles – Let Food be the medicine and Prawns be the food!


Prawn Rissoles is a perfect evening starter. These bite-sized melt-in-the-mouth pastry dough filled with chopped prawns is usually savored with white sauce and various other dips.

6. Red Chicken Curry – One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.


This hot, spicy and relatively low-fat dish with perfectly-balanced spices and tenderly-cooked chicken in a tangy paste is an ideal example of Goan cuisine. It is usually enjoyed by Goan people in dinner accompanied with Goan rice.

7. Dodol – Life is SHORT, eat DESSERT first!


Dodol is a soft, gooey thick pudding made from chunks of jaggery (gur), desiccated coconut/coconut milk and refined rice flour. The preparation time may take days but it is worth the effort.

8. Perad – There’s always room for dessert!


Desserts can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Here is another Goan dessert “Perad” that will leave you awed by its genuine taste. It is a traditional Goan dessert made from guava cheese (ripe guava). It has a firm texture similar to that of common cheese and is cut in the shape of a wedge or slice like that of cheese slices, hence the name Guava cheese.

Goa is an excellent getaway for family, friends and couples. Apart from its picturesque charisma, the Goan cuisine is worth a try. Foreign tourists around the world have a never-ending taste for Goan food and this is why; we have summed up the best Goan delicacies for you above to make your food encounters in Goa noteworthy. 

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