5 Myth-Busters to make a confident trip to Ladakh

In the last 1 year of my association with the travel industry, I have passed over numerous myths people carry in their mind for trips to Ladakh Valley. I see them repeated many times on many travel forums. So, I thought let’s better create an article to help everyone and bust the top myths commonly mistaken while planning a trip to Ladakh. I am sure this article will help many in planning their upcoming trip to Ladakh.

Ladakh_HighwayLadakh Highway

Myth 1: Ladakh is a honeymoon paradise or just a travel destination for family vacation


Ladakh is neither a honeymoon destination nor by means a travel destination for family, rather Ladakh is an adventure tourist destination


Myth 2: Leh is Ladakh and vice versa

Ladakh 1

Ladakh is one amongst the three regions in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Ladakh is further divided into two districts one is Leh and the other is Kargil.


Myth 3: Ladakh trip can be done on an extended weekend

Ladakh 2

Traveling to Ladakh requires your body adjustment or acclimatization to the high altitude terrain. The human body requires complete rest for at least 36-48 Hours.


Myth 4: Ladakh is only for youngsters

Ladakh 3

A trip to Ladakh does not have anything to do with your age, gender, sex, physical fitness levels rather it solely depends on upon your good health, how the trip has been planned as well as proper acclimatization.


Myth 5: Ladakh is very high; we may die due to change in weather

Ladakh 4

No doubt Ladakh is a high altitude desert, but if you follow the tips and principles of acclimatization and carry some woolen clothes, surely you will have an unforgettable experience.

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