20 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

1/. Take a break:

How long have you been stuck in front of that computer screen, and wishing how you would love to take a vacation? Stop thinking, take a leave and get going. Until you prepare yourself, nobody else will do it for you. Trust me, you won’t regret your decision.


2/. Complete your bucket list:

We all have a bucket list, don’t we? What is that for? Life doesn’t give you chances if you just make a list, hang it on your wall and do nothing about it. So grab you bag, hit the road and complete that list. Sometimes, you don’t even need a plan, just hit the road and everything falls in its place.


3/. Have some “Me time”:

Life today is so complicated and we have been a way to busy to have some time to ourselves. Even when we try, there is something or the other distracting us. Having some personal space is out of the question. You barely get to indulge in a conversation with yourself. It’s travelling that will introduce you to yourself. For once, you don’t have to rely on others to give you comfort as you would be your one true best friend. We all need this “me time” at some point of time, don’t we?


4/. Indulge in varied culture:

You switch through one or two channels and you think you know about it all? Well, there is nothing like the first-hand experience of others culture. Being a part of their festivals, rituals and ceremonies bring a feeling of pride in you. That’s when you realize the importance of culture and the necessity to preserve it.


5/. Discover:

There is a whole new world beyond the world you live and you barely know it. Flipping through one or two pages and sometimes channels may give you an insight about it but first-hand experiences are in itself a whole new level. You discover no only about their language, culture or way of living, but sometimes you discover yourself.


6/. Learn:

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Learn something every day, be it saying ‘Hello’ in a foreign language or some new cuisine. It is always through experiences, one learn better. Language is much easier to learn when you interact with the people rather than getting stuck with a book for years together.


7/. Overcome your fear:

We live with so many phobias. Sometimes it may be the fear of height or insects or water and sometimes even on doing certain things alone. You are scared of not being able to handle the situations all by yourself (if any). Go ahead and take a trip by yourself, you will not only overcome your fear but will come back bigger, better and confident.


8/. Adaptability:

As you travel, you also learn to adapt as in many circumstances, you have to adapt to the food habits, their culture, a way of living. Different places have slightly different laws so adapting to the environment makes your stay better and smoother.


9/. Value home more:

Sometimes we just hate the fact to be home. The never ending hopeless conversations with our parents leave us wishing to be somewhere else. But being somewhere else, you will learn the importance of your parents. All the things they did for you will all fall in place.


10/. Fight depression:

“Travel sticks with us and brings back positive memories and experiences, you have the ability to go back there in your brain,” says a neuropsychologist and adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh. When they realized that the anti-depressant pills weren’t helping them do any better, they took their loved ones advice and travelled. Travelling not only helped them get away from the usual environment but also introduced them to a new self. The moment you accept the serenity and peace start from within, traveling becomes a pure joy and inspiration.


11/. Healthy:

Mostly when you travel, your mind is stress-free as you don’t have to worry much about being answerable to someone at the end of the day. Having less stress is directly related to good health. Also, while travelling, you might walk an extra mile to visit one of the famous sites.


12/. Inner peace:

Most people these days consider travelling equivalent to Master Shifu. They hit the road in the search of inner peace. What the bustling city life might take away from you, travelling will give it back to you. It is very important to have inner peace, in order to think straight and act accordingly.


13/. Make new friends:

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You might have thousands of friend on Facebook, but you need to get out of the virtual world and make new friends. Maybe it will completely change your definition of friendship. When you travel, you get to meet people from the different parts of the world, some being locals and the rest as travellers. It is indeed a delight to interact and know their travel stories, teach some and learn some as well.


14/. Learn how to manage finance:

Travelling alone gives you that opportunity to manage your finances on your own as your parents, friends and partners won’t be there to help you. This is when you learn the value of money as you need to be calculative, considering your whole trip.


15/. For the love of food:

If you are a food lover, you need not have any other reason to travel. The very thought of having something hot in the chilly cold weather makes you want to visit the mountains.


16/. Come out of your comfort zone:

Travelling from your home to the town, your work place or school/college might just be a piece of cake as you are well aware of the places around but going to someplace new is in itself nerve-wrecking.


17/. Say goodbye to gadgets for some time:

There is the world even beyond laptop, phone, the internet and so on. The social networks have turned us into the most anti-social beings ever resulting in us being in a crowded place with no friends. So you need to take a break from your gadgets and travel to enjoy the true beauty of nature.


18/. Try someplace new:

You might be sick and tired of the same view every day. Sometimes it may be the concrete structures getting into your nerve and the other times, it might be the beaches or even the mountains. So you can plan a trip accordingly to see something new which you don’t get to see in your day to day life.


19/. Be a storyteller:

The most exciting part of travelling is coming back and sharing your experiences. You don’t need to tell it to the entire world, just a bunch of your loved ones and see how they get mesmerized by your experiences. Many people start blogging after travelling as they want to share their experiences with the world.


20/. Increase your creativity:

Travel has been an escape to so many people. An escape from the worldly desires, sometimes an escape from the stressful life. Travelling gives you, your very own free space, time and a free mind, bringing out a stress-free creative mind. “A study from the University of Aalborg found that when you migrate away from a familiar place and become a stranger on unfamiliar land, it enhances creativity since it requires you to adopt a new frame of thinking,”–Source: Plaid Zebra

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