10 Facts you never knew about Gujarat

Barely glimpsed by travelers, Gujarat sometimes referred as the ‘Jewel of Western India’ is the land of legends that has a rich culture and heritage, delicious cuisine, mystical festivals, mesmerizing historical places and home to unique wildlife! Stretching out into the Arabian Sea, with a hint of the white desert, Gujarat is the home state of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Nation. Standing amongst the most technologically advanced Gujarat houses the largest petrochemical complex in the country. The rich state houses a few hidden gems we never knew existed. Here are the 10 facts you never knew about Gujarat:

  1. Record of the maximum number of airports: 

Yes you heard it right! Gujarat has the maximum number of operating airports in the country. You can fly in from any part of the country and any part of the state.

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  1. Greenest City:

Gandhinagar is considered as one of the greenest cities in the world and the greenest capital city in the whole Asia.



  1. Largest milk producer in the country:

Gujarat is home to one of the country’s largest dairy producing brands. Amul the dairy cooperative based at Anand in the state of Gujarat that started in 1946. Amul spurred India’s White Revolution, which made the country the world’s largest producer of milk and milk products.



  1. Biggest oil refinery in the world:

The Jamnagar Refinery in Jamnagar that is owned by the Reliance Industries is the biggest oil refinery on planet with an output of around 1.2 million barrels each day.



  1. World’s biggest ship breaking yard:

Alang the census town in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat, is the biggest ship breaking yard town in the world. World’s most colossal ships are broken here.  Its beaches have become a major worldwide center for ship breaking. The longest ship ever built, Seawise Giant, was sailed to and beached here for demolition in December 2009.



  1. Largest sea shore:

With the Arabian Sea making up the state’s western coast, Gujarat has the largest sea shore in the country i.e. 1600 km (24% of Indian sea coast).



  1. Home of Asiatic Lions:

Gujarat is the only home of Asiatic Lions. It is the only present natural habitat of lions after Africa in the world.



  1. Diamond center:

Considered as the hub of diamond business in the world after Antwerp and Belgium, Surat holds the third place on the list where more than 8 out of the 10 of the world’s diamonds are processed. The city refines close to 80% of diamonds from all across the world.


  1. Highest sugar consumption:

Gujarat is known to consume the highest amount of sugar in the country. That probably explains the long list of mouth-watering sweet dishes that are loved by everyone across the country.


  1. Major pilgrimage Centre for Jains:

At the height of about 2000 feet, Palitana a city in Bhavnagar district in Gujarat is the world’s only mountain that has more than 900 temples. The Palitana temples and whole mountain are considered the most sacred pilgrimage place (tirtha) by the Jain community, and is the world’s largest Temple Complex.

Jain Temple - Palitana


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