07 Wonders of Incredible India that are same as their Counterparts Abroad

Probably, we all have our own bucket list of dream destinations. For some, it may be a vacation well spent in the Northern India while for others it may be a night on a houseboat! It’s, however, very easy to add items in the bucket list but much difficult to achieve those goals.

We bring you the plethora of places and activities that are just similar to their international counterparts that India is home to. Yes, we are your genie today… the golden opportunity is knocking on the door. Pick it wrap it at an affordable price and just make the vacations a memoir of a lifetime!

1) The beauty of Switzerland lies in Kashmir, India- This is where the paradise lies!!


2) Take a leisurely stroll in the white sands of Andaman N Nicobar, rather than Madagascar.


3) Give the beaches of Goa a chance, before chilling on the beaches of Brazil.


4) Why not “Hoodi-Baba” at Howrah Bridge in Kolkata? Instead, of “Woah” at the bridges in Taiwan.


5) Drink in the colors of the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand, before enjoying the mesmerizing views of Antelope Valley in the U.S.A.


6) Witness the wildlife at Ranthambore National Park, before hearing the roar of African Lion.


7) Planning to surf the sands of the Sahara? Tame the dunes of the Thar and make it a memoir of the lifetime.


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